Sunday morning 40m CW Net - 7.025 MHz


Held every Sunday since 11 March 1973, the CW Net provides operators with the chance to make new contacts and catch up with old friends. The net is managed by a controller who pairs up stations and allocates them to a frequency. Stations may make as many contacts as they wish during the two hours. This net has been going strong since 1973 (45 years) with over 2,300 weekly sessions thus far. The Sunday Net was saved from closure end of 2016 by Lou Szondy (VK5EEE) and Col Whale (VK4CU-SK) by organising new volunteer net controllers after the existing net control manager had notified of its impending closure.

Time and frequency

Every Sunday (except RD Contest)

0000Z 0100Z-0200Z Winter and 2300 0000Z-0100Z Summer. i.e., 11am to noon South East Australian time all year round.

Net control frequency: 7.025MHz

Check into the net by sending your callsign followed by QNI (or if you want to annnounce / request leaving, QNX). Read the June 2002 article from Amateur Radio magazine by Drew VK3XU about the net with photos and examples. Also see Sunday-Net-History.

Please try keep QSOs to 15 minutes or less and report back QNX if leaving so net control will know your frequency is available for reassignment to other net participants. Multiple check-ins (QNI) are encouraged, have as many QSO as you like. Always remember to check your assigned frequency by listening and QRL? before transmitting.

Net Control Stations may send you and QSO partner to 80m if you are close and within 40m dead zone or weak signals, or to 30m if you are further away but have weak signals to each other and/or high noise level. In this case please go to 3525 or 10125 kHz and establish contact there, and then QSY off this meet-up frequency upon establishing contact.

A list of check-ins will be provided at the close of the net. Recent online list of net check-ins please add QNS lists!

Upcoming Roster of Net Controllers will be published here: Roster

NOTE: On the last Sunday of each month, the tradition is that all Net participants will meet on 7045 SSB after the Net, and the Net Controller will call up each station in order of QNS participant list of that Sunday.

1977 Guidelines from VK2BWC

The following was written by VK2BWC (ex G3FIQ) and sent to Tim VK3BCN on 31 AUG 1977 and still holds true. All Net Controllers should pay attention to the guidelines and traditions of this net:

CWN NET is operative every Sunday from 10-1200 L.T. (NSW) - NCS on 7025 kHz.
Procedure is: The Net Control Station (N.C.S.) commences transmission, a little before 10am, with possibly viz.:- CQ CWN3 DE VK2BF3 = QND QSX QNZ etc +
- After NCS sends QNI, stations report in with viz.:- VK2BF DE VK2BWC QNI K = VK2BWC DE VK2BF = R <AS>
- Few mins later when say VK2YK, VK2SM, VK3XU etc have reported in, we might get :-
VK2BF DE VK2YK R // R 2BWC K // 2BWC gives R + and VK2YK & VK2BWC go down to 7004 where VK2BWC waits for VK2YJK to call him for QSO of 10 - 15 mins, they then both return to 7025kHz call VK2BF with QNI - or QNX etc.

At 12 Noon, NCS sends QNS (list of stations who were in net that morning - followed by short message of thanks - or any net information to hand.
- The last Sunday of each month at 12 Noon + - we go 7045kHz SSB, & are called by NCS in QNS order.

- QN Signals mostly used in net:- (complimented with normal Q Code signals)
- Question marks not used

QNC All Net stations please copy
QND Net is under NCS direction
QNE Entire Net Please Standby
QNF Net is Free — not controlled
QNG Take over net control
QNI Net stations report in or I am reporting into Net
QNJ Can you copy …. (Call Sign)
QNM You are QRMing Net — please <AS>
QNN Net Control Station is … (C/S)
QNO Station is leaving Net
QNP Unable to copy you or … (C/S)
QNS Following stations are in the Net or request for list
QNT Leaving Net temporarily for … minutes
QNV Establish contact with … (C/S) on this freq.
QNX You are excused from the Net or I want to be excused from the Net
QNZ Zero beat this station

see the original letter here (PDF)

Tips and Recommendations

For Participants

  • Listen carefully for Net Control Station (NCS) and follow their instructions
  • Do not transmit unless invited by NCS, don't transmit over the top of NCS
  • If nothing heard for more than a minute, send QNI DE CALLSIGN QSP?
  • When assigned a frequency, ALWAYS check with "QRL?" that it is free!
  • If a frequency is occupied or you have QRM, go back to 7025 and call NCS
  • Try to limit your contacts to 15 minutes to give more stations QSO chance
  • This also helps keep NCS busier and decreases chances of QNI not heard
  • ALWAYS come back to NCS after finishing a QSO to tell QNI or QNX
  • QNI = checking in; QNX = requesting check out; QNO checking out
  • See other QN codes here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QN_Signals
  • Again: ALWAYS come back to NCS on 7025 to check out (or in again)

For Net Controllers

  • Net controllers use the traditional opening script, with net number
  • Net controllers close the net with QNS participant list, next week's controller
  • Net controllers call CQ CW NET DE CALLSIGN QNI PSE K
  • Net controllers do not engage in long chat on net control frequency
  • Net controllers assign each two stations in order of check-in to a QSO frequency
  • Suggested order: 7010, 7014, 7018, 7022, 7012, 7016, 7020, 7034, 7008, 7006
  • Avoid SOTA and QRP frequencies between and including 7028-7032
  • Avoid 3kHz +/- net control frequency, i.e. avoid 7022-7028
  • Net controllers keep a record of who you have assigned which frequencies
  • Net controllers mark those frequencies available again when stations check back in
  • Net controllers pair off stations and give them frequencies in a short efficient way
  • Net controllers consider sending stations that are too close to 80m if they have it
  • Net controllers consider sending stations that are too distant to 30m or 20m
  • Stations will be sent to 3525 or 10125 and establish contact then QSY from there
  • Net controllers keep calling CQ but leave sufficient gaps and listen/tune carefully
  • Net controllers if a station is waiting and no answer to CQ ask them to call CQ
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