All Asia CW Net

Time and Frequency

  • Daily 1200UTC 14059kHz

(Current usual net controls: HS0ZEA, HS0ZEF, JA1NUT, JL1MUT, JS6TMW, VK5EEE, VK6RR, VK6XC, YC8HU/1, 9V1VV)

Opening of Net

Please try to be on time. Net Control Station (NCS) will open net on time by sending e.g.:


Then please check in by sending your callsign once only, use QSK (full break-in) if possible, and NCS will listen and write down the calls, after no more check-ins will send:

  • CQ AA DE CALLSIGN QNS (and list the call signs copied at checkin, ending with own call sign) ANY MORE? PSE K

If no further check ins, NCS will call each station one by one. When you are called up you can give any of the following:

The AA NET is often informal and unstructured, which is also welcome. A feature of the AA Net is that most stations are using straight keys and/or bugs, electronic keys are not in much use on this net. QRS manual keys are encouraged.

On the other hand, the below format may be used which will make it easy for participants (just listen NCS will guide you, very simple) to check in and if QRU not have long to wait for end of net, and it also allows for sharing of news (QST), QNI (having random assigned QSO and thus strengthen regional friendships), QSO with specific station you wish to catch up with, even the sending of a radio gram QTC, or also to just listen (QRU) in case you are wanted for a QSO or QTC.

Some useful codes:

  • QNI = (I'm checking in and am ready to be paired off for QSO with any random station in the list and be assigned frequency to QSY to for QSO with that station, and after QSO come back to Net)
  • QRU = (I have nothing for you, just standing by to listen to the other stations in case they have anything for me)
  • QTC CALLSIGN = (I have a message for CALLSIGN and await instruction from NCS on where and when to send it)
  • QSO CALLSIGN = (I wish to have a QSO with CALLSIGN)
  • QST = (I have a news to tell everyone, could be new antenna, personal, or anything of possible interest to all)
  • QNO = (I am immediately checking back out, no time to hang around today)
  • QNX? = (I am waiting for permission from NCS to leave the Net)
  • ZAN = Absolutely Nothing heard
  • ZAP = Acknowledge Please
  • ZOK = Received OK
  • ZGS = Getting Stronger
  • ZGW = Getting Weaker
  • ZFO = Signals Faded Out

Keeping the above list of options to send when you are called up, will make it easy for you to get exactly what you want.

To save time, if many stations on the net, no need for NCS and check-ins to give full signal reports, an abbreviated form "Q1" to "Q5" is enough where Q is QRK (Readability 1-5):

  • Q1 cannot copy
  • Q2 only partial copy
  • Q3 copy with difficulty
  • Q4 copy with ease
  • Q5 perfect copy

When the net is no longer controlled and "free for all" the NCS will send "QNF".

Q Codes

If you like to be a "Net Pro" you can print off all QN codes from

Most commonly used net codes are:

  • QND - this net is directed by a Net Controller
  • QNN - Net Control Station (NCS) is…
  • QNE - Entire Net Standby
  • QNC - An Announcement from NCS to all stations follows
  • QNI - Check(ing) in
  • QNO - Checking out
  • QNX - Permission to check out
  • QNP - Unable to copy the station that was last sending (or station …)
  • QNJ - can anyone hear the station calling (or station….)?
  • QNG - request by NCS for station … to take over as NCS

But otherwise please don't worry, things will be obvious, NCS will guide the net.

Email Discussion

The All Asia CW Net has an email discussion list which is very quick and easy to join or leave,
please go to: to sign up or leave the list.
Note that list members cannot see others email addresses, your email address is not published on the web, each email you send does not reveal your email address just your name and shows as coming from gro.lliamee|wcaa#gro.lliamee|wcaa and each email contains the link to join or leave the list easily and simply.

Net Check-ins (QNS)

Please report via the above Email list and we can add details here. Below list may be incomplete:

* July 2016 *

  • AP2NK
  • JA1NUT
  • JL1MUT
  • JS6TMW
  • VK4YD
  • VK5EEE
  • VK6RR

* February 2016 *

  • EU6GG
  • HS0ZEA
  • HS0ZEF
  • JL1MUT
  • JS6TMW
  • K3RA
  • VK3IM
  • VK5EEE
  • VU2DIC
  • YB7FH/1
  • YC8HU/1
  • YC0RNC

* January 2016 *

  • HS0ZEA
  • JL1MUT
  • OE2REL
  • RA9DW
  • US4EX
  • VK5EEE
  • VK6RR
  • VK6XC
  • VU2DIC

* December 2015 *

  • 9V1AA
  • HS0ZEA
  • JL1MUT
  • JO3HPM
  • JS6TMW
  • OE2REL
  • VK5EEE
  • VK6XC
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