ARTU Aims And Purpose

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The ARTU aims to defend the rights of radio amateurs in general and radio telegraphists in particular as well as to promote the interests of its members.

Some of the issues include:

  • The errosion of our exclusive telegraphy bands: due to lack of catering for interests of telegraphists, national societies which include only a minority of radio amateurs among their membership, have, without consultation, given away the exclusive CW bands which hitherto rested upon gentlemen's agreements. ARRL has already done so and it looks as though WIA is set to follow suit.
  • The future of amateur radio licensing: such an important issue is not to be dealt with by a mere handful of directors of a society that did not consult its members on this crucial issue for the very future of amateur radio in Australia, nor should positions be put forward to the government without proper consultation of members of WIA but also non-members since this affects all of us.
  • Proposals, positions and requests put forward to the government should be properly thought through, opened to consultation and participation, in order that they are comprehensive and helpful and take into account also the interests of radio telegraphists. This union should facilitate such matters to ensure that proposals include the knowledge, experience and interests of radio telegraphists.
  • The protection of HF amateur radio bands: given the important historical role of amateur radio and radio amateurs at the very foundation of most modern mass communications and progress, efforts should be made to secure at an international level via governments and international bodies, the protecting of our traditional 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10m bands by law in perpetuity.
  • Ensuring the rights and interests of all radio amateurs within this diverse radiocommunication service are best maintained via agreements and arrangements to ensure that various aspects of the hobby do not unnecessarily conflict with one another. Contesters, DX activations, normal QSOs including DX, and various modes, should all coexist with minimal internal interference.
  • Quality must prevail and not just quantity: efforts to open the flood gates to the limited HF spectrum resources should be carefully considered and restricted, and the non-financial value of the benefits to radio amateurs of health, social inclusion, self education and experimentation should be paramount while financial interests of societies, business and governments kept at bay.

The above are just some of the specific issues that the ARTU may deal with in defending and promoting the rights and interests of amateur radio telegraphists. Please discuss in the ARTU forum as results of discussion may make their way onto this page.

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