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Following are comments received in response to CWToday while writing that column for 9 months:

Thanks very much for all you are doing for CW. — Bob, VK2BTJ

Great work! — Phil, VK6GX

Thanks for doing a great job for Aussie CW — Rob, VK2MZ

Excellent job - your Journo experience really shines thru. — Rob, VK2MZ

"G`day LOU great site, and the AR mag. article really a breath of fresh air. — Ray, VK2FW

Believe me, your column is attracting positive reactions - again it must survive — George, VK2FF

You have pulled CW out of the doldrums for VK for which people must be forever grateful. — Rob, VK2MZ

Just finished reading the latest CW Today in AR. Well done! Great information, good style and very informative. Keep up the great work mate. — Greg VK4GJW

I am not a member of the WIA so don’t get the AR mag however whilst in Nowra this weekend the newsagent there had just about every magazine on earth including the WIA AR mag so I bought the November copy. I must say the first place I went to was the CW Today section. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article on starting out. It’s a good read for those who have started out or thinking about starting in CW. Not too over whelming with jargon, simple with a few Q codes to learn along with the rubber stamp QSO format. It can’t get any easier than described. I will be noting down the script as I have a script from other sources which contains more (redundant) info that I skip over when on air. — David VK2JDR

Hi Lou and thanks for the the work you are doing on behalf of the magic of CW. — Patrick VK2PN

Great AR Column again Lou! — John VK4TJ

I began my CW career like so many others, on the marine bands. First ever QSO was with A9M on 500kHz longer ago than I care to remember. I got my first Amateur ticket not long after that and for a long time I had no microphone plugged in to my HF radio, but I have relented a little since moving to VK 20 years ago. CW remains my mode of choice though, so I am delighted to see you stirring up interest in the original digital mode. Keep up the good work! You have my support, even if you won't hear me on the air very often until I move away from all these plasma TVs and things. — Bernard, VK2IB

I have read your columns in AR and was pleased to see some new material in that magazine. I commend you for your efforts - Ian VK3JS

I have seen your articles on CW in AR. I am very pleased to read and look forward to the next one — Maurie VK2DCD

Thanks for promoting CW; I'm sure the web site and the pages in AR will help many to engage (or re-engage) with CW. — Bernie VK2WJ

I just wanted to say thanks for your CW column in AR. It's inspiring me to have a go at this mode. — Ian VK6MIB

I do hope you will continue to promote the mode as there does seem to be a growing interest in it among younger members and SOTA operators. — Gavin VK3HY

Thank you so much for your extremely interesting series of CW articles. There is so much in information there that they are really a reference work on CW and as such, the articles should be consolidated into one and be added to the WIA website rather than just be available via in the mag. Unfortunately I learned morse visually as a kid in the Scouts and this has limited my speed to just scrape in as a full call. The G4FON seems to be the solution so thanks indeed for the details of this very effective programme and for all of the effort you have clearly made for AR. — Dick, VK3DAA

I have been following your column and I love it. Good for you. It's about time CW was brought back to prominance. After all, it was the original method of communicating and we can't deny our roots. It's not old fashioned it's still a viable method of communicating. It's just not spoon fed to use like everything else. We just have to put in a little effort. — Gus VK2ASB

I've read all your articles… they're very good! — Bill VK5AU

Thanks for your efforts in growing the cw activity in 2015 and your assistance and guidance to me. I would have given it up if it weren't for you and Michael keeping up the encouragement. — David VK2JDR

I must congratulate you on your input into Amateur Radio magazine re CW was very FB and reminded me of when I first got into amateur radio back in 1949 when I got my first call of VP6UN on island of Barbados where I was born. Been on key since that date. Keep up the good work on the CW operators. — Mike, VK5UM, aged 82

Great thanks for what you are doing, love your articles in AR. Your articles are very positive in your thinking! — Ian VK2BJT

Just completed reading CW Today issues. You have done a excellent work in terms contents and quality of work. Congratulations. — Praveen, VU3CKP

You have achieved a great deal in a short time, supported and assisted by a few enthusiasts who feel as you do. I believe you have engaged the folks who already were, or wanted to be, CW operators. I have noticed that since you got started the number of CW operators on the air has increased, and that includes quite a few who hadn't tried CW previously. I have qualified every SOTA Summit I've activated in the last 6 months using CW, which requires 4 unique contacts each time. On some of those activations I have not gone on to use SSB at all. I know that using CW from a high-scoring SOTA Summit certainly brings the chasers out of the woodwork! If they want the points, they've got to get on the key :-) I would like to see a few CW-only DXpeditions to some really rare DXCC entities. I mean real CW, not computer generated, with genuine RST reports exchanged. That might go some way towards reminding the Amateur Radio world what it's all about. Given the time and a large enough budget I'd have a crack at that. — 73, Bernard, VK2IB

I have read your articles in the wia magazine, FB OM good to see someone so keen on keeping ham radio's heritage alive. - VK6MSC

"First off, your column is the highlight of the magazine. And having my good mentor and friend VK4TJ adding to your column was a winner too, so thank you. You are right in your writings - Amateur radio has something for every one and each to their own applies equally. We're all different. We all need to give each other respect and space." — Ade VK4SOE

Thanks for the CW Today articles – very well researched and good reading all Lou. Would be disappointed if you stepped down. We’ve had nothing like it since “Pounding Brass” quite some years ago. — Col VK4CU

Your ‘CW Today’ is a most interesting column. SPB and DSW! I have committed them to memory. Proof of the ‘efficacy’ of CW as a communications mode is the tallies for modes and bands provided by DXpeditions. QRP CW and ‘low visibility’ antennas may well turn out to be the ‘saviour’ of amateur radio as more of us are packed into smaller homes. I live on a bush block some ten kilometres east of Bendigo and my neighbours cannot see my antennas. Regards, — Tony VK3CTM

I read your CW Today column every month. Thank you for writing, I don't know where you get all the stuff from, it is so interesting every time! — Helen VK3RY

I read your column CW Today and am very pleased to see someone taking up the cause. Thanks for your efforts. — Stan VK2EL (88 yrs old, CW op since 1946)

I enjoy your CW piece in AR! — Ian, VK3TB

That Article in (May 2016 edition of) WIA was a Classic. I have read it twice and will study it tonight… Not because it is not clear and precise, but because I went QRT for many years and every thing changed so much. It is obvious to me your knowledge is very advanced and makes me look forward to your next article especially about calling DX Stations, Contests etc! I am a member of ARRL, would have been a good Article there. Again, the article to me was fascinating, I never knew or heard any thing like it. 73s — John VK2CRI ex ZL2AGE

I read your CW Today today (May issue) it will stir a lot of people into thinking about the problem, nice job Lou! — Ian VK2BJT

I have just read carefully through your March article which I thought was excellent, especially the emphasis on the need for all sorts of modes to be able to co-habit. Not only CW modes but of course people on the forefront of our hobby who use many other digital modes which are absolutely amazing at passing intelligence with low power and operating well below the noise floor. Overall I thought it was a very well written and thought provoking article and would give you a AAA+ rating – boy I am getting all poetical. I had grabbed the magazine at random just to check on the spelling of your surname and ended up reading the article, which to my shame, I had not done before. Then when I realized it was the March edition I went and grabbed the April edition which was power packed with so much information and read it also. Another excellent article. There is no doubt you know your subject through and through – there must only be a handful of people in the world who are so steeped in the subject! — George, VK5IT

Well written. Vaya Con Dios CW. — Peter VK5HV

July CW Today: Easy to read and understand. Logical, step by step. Hits the nail on the head without being overly long winded. It's a good piece of work. Persuasive and holds the readers attention. Good sentence structure, grammar and spelling. And I learned a few things from it too. I agree with your submission completely and understand its logic based on the reality of what is happening in the real world. I think that a top comment you made (or inferred) was about how a cynic could see how the removal of exclusive CW bands for all modes is a decision made with the backing (money pressure) from the manufacturers. We all know that in Australia that the legislation favours the biggest donors. Finally, let me say this : There's amateur professionals and there's professional amateurs. In conclusion : I commend you for your work and effort. You are a credit to the CW community and you're on the right track. — Ade VK4SOE

July 2016 CW Today: Spot on Lou - well said as always - all explained in simple understandable format. Thank you. — Roy, VK6RR

Your article ‘CW Today’ in the June 2016 ‘AR’ is one of the most simple and clear explanations I have seen on the advantages of CW over SSB. I did not need much convincing however even without the maths. I have had some CW contacts which have been R5 but S1 as there simply has been no indication of signal strength. Your advice on analysing the way a DX station is working through a ‘dog pile’ is also good stuff. — Tony VK3CTM

I like your articles in AR — Don VK3MNZ

Congratulations on your column in WIA on 'CW Today' which I always read with interest. I recall the one about the Czech army key! It is always a pleasure to see activity on CW and promoting this art. — Tony 3D2AG

Can I start this email by saying that I think your CW Today column in AR is the best new column I've seen in a long time. It's very refreshing, and it even got me interested in CW again. So much so (and I hope you don't mind) I've printed off some of your columns and given them to the local Bush Telegraph museum here in far north Queensland for display and/or reference ( — Gareth VK4AGD

I loved your columns and looked forward to the each month. I learnt a lot form your articles. It was good to see CW promoted to the masses, of which you did a great job. This is a great loss. — Martin VK7MA

Thanks for your encouragement - I have enjoyed your articles in AR magazine. 73 — Laurie Gordon VK2GZ

And, not regarding the column, but in appreciation of my French CW :-)

Notre contacte de ce matin a été l'un des plus beaux qso effectués avec les VK stations - Hamid 7X3DA Sahara DX Club 7X3WPL

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