ALERT: Active Local Emergency Response Team

Assisted by CWB in communications training, ALERT groups provide activation of NEAT and instant local area communications. ALERT members typically will use low power radio equipment to quickly assess needs and activate and coordinate NEAT as required. ALERT interface with CWB for the long distance transmission of data.

ALERT maintains a continuous operational structure with regular check-ins and tests of communications equipment, and activate instantly in the lead up to or the sudden arrival of a communications emergency.

For more on local operations working directly with the public see ALERT

NEAT: Neighborhood Emergency Assistance Team

These are local volunteers who activate in an emergency and coordinate and communicate via ALERT. This is the grass roots neighbourshood assistance that check on the vulnerable and needy, assess any external help required which is communicated where necessary via ALERT and CWB.

NEAT teams form during emergencies upon activation by ALERT. These teams are informal volunteers at grass roots level. During an emergency, which scale may not be predicted or unknown, these volunteers provide practical hands on assistance to neighbours and a mechanism for relay of any information, needs or messages via ALERT where required.

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