CWB Training

Current schedule:

To take part in training, simply check in to the 0830Z CW Net on 7051.2 on any weekday Monday through Friday. Check in (QNI) with your callsign. You will be asked to standby <AS>. When you are called up again, if you wish to receive practice message, send "QTC?" if you have one practice message you wish to send, send "QTC1", if you don't wish to practice and have no QSO request, send "QRU", and if you wish to have QSO with CALLSIGN after the net, send "QSO CALLSIGN" of the station you wish to QSO.

Practice comes via listening to those who are experienced, exchange messages and also by participating whenever you can, and by studying the material below:


  • QTC Formal Messages
  • CWB Communicators Without Borders
  • EMCOMMS Emergency Communications
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