VK CW Nets

For a schedule in date/time order of all known scheduled CW activities in VK and the region, please see Skeds page

Sunday morning 7025 CW Net


Held every Sunday since 11 March 1973 (thanks Col VK4CU-SK), the CW Net provides operators with the chance to make new contacts and catch up with old friends. The net is managed by a controller who pairs up stations and allocates them to a frequency. Stations may chat as long as they like and make as many contacts as they wish during the two hours. This net has been going strong since 1973 (43 years) with over 2,000 weekly sessions.

Time and frequency

Every Sunday (except RD Contest)

0000Z-0200Z Winter and 2300-0100Z Summer. i.e., 1000-1200 EST Winter, 0900-1100 EST Summer. 1000-1200 DST Summer.

Net control frequency: 7.025MHz

Check into the net by sending your callsign followed by QNI (or if you want to annnounce / request leaving, QNX). Read the June 2002 article from Amateur Radio magazine by Drew VK3XU about the net with photos and examples. Also see Sunday-Net-History.

Please try to keep QSOs to 15 minutes or less and report back QNX if leaving so net control will know your frequency is available for reassignment to other net participants. Multiple check-ins (QNI) are encouraged, have as many QSO as you like. Always remember to check your assigned frequency by listening and QRL? before transmitting.

A list of check-ins will be provided at the close of the net. Recent online list of net check-ins please add QNS lists!

If you are available once a month or so for net controlling duties, please inform one of our current net controllers. Provision can then be made to slot you into the roster at convenient times. Net controlling is a good skill to learn and encourages fellowship between your CW friends.

Upcoming Roster of Net Controllers will be published here: Roster

For more information about this net and recommendations please see: 7025

VK CW Evening Net (Weekdays)

Weekday evenings 0830Z on 7051.2 kHz (Winter time additional net at 0930Z on 3515.0kHz)

Please only send callsign to check in (QNI) at start of net, then wait until you are called and keep your transmission very short. After the net closes (QNF) longer QSO can take place. During the net any QTC (formal messages) may be exchanged: at all times follow the directions of QNN (net control station). The formal net should be as short as possible, so it is important to keep transmissions to a bare minimum, e.g. QRU (I have no messages), QSO CALLSIGN (request QSO after net with CALLSIGN), QTC CALLSIGN(S) (I have formal messages for callsigns), QNX (request checking out), QNI (I'm checking in). QNC = Message to all Net. QNZ = Zero beat with me. QND = This Net is Directed. QNG1 = Please make one CQ Call to take check-ins from those that may not hear Net Control. QNG = Please take over net control. QNE = Entire net please standby! QNM = You are causing interference to the Net. Full list of QN codes search Google/Wikipedia.

Themes (for the net and afterwards):

Mondays: encouraged to use an older rig than your usual one, or your oldest rig, or one you don't normally use,
Tuesdays: QRS slow speed and/or straight keys, please keep speed down to allow slower operators to participate,
Wednesdays: get out that bug key, or cootie, and sloppy or defective CW will not be frowned upon, let's hear it,
Thursdays: QRQ high speed, go as fast as conditions allow, including your own ability, push it beyond your limit,
Fridays: QRP reduce your power from your normal level, even if half power, or really QRP, try, you may be surprised

The above are optional themes for each net night, but very much encouraged, so that all types of operators find an evening they can participate, or try different things from the usual routine!

Remember it is a short quick check-in net until it closes with "QNF", see Net for more details (may need updating!).

Col's CW Net

Every Sat & Sun at 3.15pm (0415 UTC) on 7115kHz, Net is run by Alex VK2ICL

FISTS Down Under CW Net

Net Controller: Arthur VK2ASB (VK2FDU)
Tuesdays, 8.00pm EST on 7028 (Summer 0900Z) or 3528kHz (Winter 1000Z)
Note: switches to 7028kHz in December.

FISTS Down Under Slow Morse Net

Net controller: Garry VK2GAZ (VK2FDU)
Wednesday nights 8PM (Sydney NSW local time)

November - April 7.028MHz +/- QRM
May - October 3.528MHz +/- QRM

Call: CQ CQ QRS Net de VK2FDU
Power: any level

VK2CCW RX Practice Sessions

Monday and Friday 8pm Sydney time on 3549.3 CW 3550 LSB

Speeds 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 20 and 26wpm

Also sessions are available on WWW.FDU.ORG.AU for download

New practice files placed on site twice a week or more

Col's CW Net

Every Sat & Sun at 3.15pm (0415 UTC) on 7115kHz, Net is run by Alex VK2ICL

SOTA CW Practice Net

Thursday, 8.30pm EST (0930 UTC) on 7045 (Summer) or 3540kHz (Winter)
Format: SSB check in followed by CW check in. Then some SOTA type QSOs or special practice exercises
Speed: your speed, 5 to 18 wpm
Net control: usually chaired by Ron VK3AFW


All VK CW operators are most welcome to check in to the FISTS East Asia CW Net on Sundays at 0800UTC on or around 14054kHz depending on QRM.

The Gnarly Net

Seven days a week starting at 5am EST on 3599 KHz CW then switches to LSB at 0630 EST on 3600 KHz. Net control is usually Rob, VK4ARQ in Ingham, North Qld with a variety of QRQ, QRS, ele keyers, bugs and straight keys as stations check in and out. Worth a try if you are an early riser!

0600Z 14349 CW Net

QNN (Net Control Stations): VK6RR, VK4QC, VK5EEE

This net is a chance for longer distance VK contacts as well as international contacts with Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Please check in (QNI) and wait your turn as directed by the QNN (Net Control Station). To request a QSO with a particular station send (QSO CALLSIGN), if you have formal messages send QTC. After formal net closes (QNF), it is free for all. A good chance to keep in touch with those further away!

Cross-mode and SSB contacts are also welcome but for SSB please be sure to use USB and ONLY on 14347.0kHz NOT 14349kHz so that (a) you will be heard and (b) you will not stray outside the legal band limit. SSB is generally encouraged to take place AFTER the formal CW net has closed (after Net Control sends "QNF"). If in doubt, just wait until it goes quiet :-) It's a chance to catch up with your CW friends who don't normally use SSB!

Any other CW Nets?

If you know of any CW Nets not mentioned above, or corrections required, please leave a comment below or contact us.

Schedule of CW Activities

For a listing in day/time order of all regular CW activities please see skeds and all are welcome to edit and keep that page updated. You may like to print it out. There are MANY Morse Code activities on a regular daily basis in Australia. If you are starved for activity, take a look at skeds page and join in whatever takes your fancy!

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