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VK3PC unlike almost all other radio amateurs doesn't devote his QRZ profile page to any details about his amateur radio station, or his intests within the diverse hobby of amateur radio but instead to a cold blunt self-promotion of his status — as they say in Australia, this man has tickets on himself:

GA Taylor Medal 2011 - Highest possible WIA honour, for contributions to Amateur Radio over many years and in particular as a member of the WIA Centenary Committee, in providing professional guidance of promotion to the media.

WIA Life Member - Service at both a Victorian and Federal Level.

WIA Communications, Marketing, Publications and AGM Committee - member

Amateur Radio Victoria Emeritus - President and Public Relations Officer.

IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Chair - http://iaru-r3.org/category/disaster-communications/

International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend - Publicity Officer http://illw.net

Chris Jones Award 2015

WIA IARU Liaison Officer

FISTS - member #9679 http://www.fistsdownunder.org/

Personal profile - http://www.wia.org.au/people/JimLinton-VK3PC/index.php

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