Setting up and running has been a costly exercise in terms of the time and expenses that have been incurred. If you enjoy the site and would like to help out, please go to make a donation here — every dollar goes to working in the interests of CW in Australia.

Here some of the things I have accomplished in 2016 thanks to bringing CW Operators together on this forum:

  • Set up this shared resource for all CW operators in VK
  • Established daylight calling frequency for newcomers to CW
  • Saved the 44 year old Sunday CW net from closing down
  • Inaugurated CW Nets and Communicators Without Borders
  • Saved the 80m exclusive CW band from a planned 15kHz reduction
  • Gained 10kHz from SSB on 30m for CW daytime, 15kHz extra at night
  • Wrote many articles to help newcomers as well as CW old timers
  • Provided forums and email lists for CW operators to share information

Please help me to do even more in 2017:

If you prefer to make a payment via bank please contact me v k 5 e e e A T v k c w D O T n e t for details.

Thank you,

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