Straight Keys "Honest Half Hour"

Idea still developing, thanks to OM Ivan, VK3ASG

  • Tuesdays from 0900 to 0930 UTC anywhere on 80m in CW (at least during winter, we'll see about summer)
  • Call CQ, or CQ HHH or just HHH using straight key
  • Exchange an honest RST report followed by your age in years
  • Optional exchange of Name, QTH, PWR, ANT, KEY depending on abilities of your QSO partners

This is an opportunity for those who are shy to go on the key, who may have been long out of practice, or who are venturing into their first on-air activities, to have a relaxed and easy regular weekly chance to get on the key.

Use of up-down Morse keys is encouraged, please avoid electronic keys for this activity. This will keep the speeds down.

And as Michael VK2CCW says:

Any day can be straight key day it's simple just plug your key in and go for it.

Check Skeds for full list of regular CW activities

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