International Radiotelegraphist Union

IRU encourages joining of CW clubs and associations that will be listed as affiliated. IRU will also cooperate with any entities advocating for the preservation and restoration of exclusive CW bands ideally at the license level to protect true CW operations.

IRU cooperates with all entities interested in safeguarding part of the amateur radio bands from the non-amateur spirit, dishonest and fraudulent activities of unnecessary split causing interference, "5NN TU" and DCW use outside the digital sub band.

The history of Morse and it's part in amateur radio development deserves to have a permanent, exclusive, "hands on key" portion of each band in recognition of its importance.

The use of Morse through wars and peacetime for more than a century deserves a permanent place for the continued use by enthusiasts in the original spirit of its purpose: to share information, person to person through their own effort and skill.

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