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Upcoming Roster:

#2340 2018.11.04 Full shift: VK2BJT
#2341 2018.11.11 Full shift: VK1CT
#2342 2018.11.18 Full shift: VK3FGE
#nnnn 2018.11.25 Full shift: no net controller

#2343 2018.12.02 Full shift: VK2BJT
#2344 2018.12.09 Full shift: VK1CT (My final net control. Band condx and local QRM make it impossible at my QTH)
#2345 2018.12.16 Full shift: VK2CCW
#2346 2018.12.23 Full shift: VK3FGE
#2347 2018.12.30 Full shift: VK2BJT

See past net participation here: 7025QNS

Information About The Sunday 40m CW Net

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