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Upcoming Roster:

#2283 2017.10.01 Full shift: VK1CT
#2284 2017.10.08 Full shift: VK2BJT
#2285 2017.10.15 Full shift: VK2BJT
#2286 2017.10.22 Full shift: VK2CCW
#2287 2017.10.29 Full shift: VK1CT

#2288 2017.11.05 Full shift: ?
#2289 2017.11.12 Full shift: VK2BJT
#2290 2017.11.19 Full shift: VK2CCW
#2291 2017.11.26 Full shift: VK5CZ

See past net participation here: 7025QNS

Current Notices to Net Controllers

  • Please use the Email reflector address you have been given if you have to change your roster as well as to report after net
  • Guidelines and information for net participants and volunteers controllers should be published linked from main Nets page
  • Awaiting feedback from Old Timers and original controllers and net participants of past 44 years to put together guidelines

Information About The Sunday 40m CW Net

Please see CWnets

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