RSN Signal Report System

Readability Strength Noise: see RSTN for details

RS(T)N is a new signal reporting system used by some hams in place of the now outdated RST system.

R = Readability (scale: 1 to 5)
S = Signal Strength (scale: 1 to 9)
N = (Local) Noise Level (scale: 1 to 9)

R and S are the same as in the existing RS(T) system.
N is the current local noise level on the current frequency band which may optionally be read off the S meter

In voice and digital modes RSN is given as 3 digits, in CW it may either be given as 3 digit RSN or 4 digit RSTN, in which case the Tone is usually sent as N for 9 which also serves as an N for Noise to introduce and separate the 4th Noise level digit, e.g. 57N6

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