Station Activity Reports (SAR)

Please provide SAR as follows, for each month, since September 2016:

  • Number of QTC Originated (see below for definition, it has to be from a 3rd party to count, not from yourself)
  • Number of QTC Sent
  • Number of QTC Received
  • Number of QTC Delivered (has to be third party, see below definition).

Originated—One point for each message from a third party for sending via your station. This "extra" credit is given for an off-the-air function because of the value of contact with the general public.

Sent—Every message sent over the air from your station to another amateur receives a point in this category. Thus, a message that is eligible for an Originated point as above receives another point when it is sent on the air.

Likewise, a message that is received on the air conveys a Sent point when it is relayed to another station. A message that you initiate yourself, while it gets no Originated point, gets a Sent point when cleared. All Sent points require on-the-air sending.

Received—A message received over the air gets a Received point, whether received for relaying (sending) or for delivery to the addressee. Any message received which is not eligible for a Delivery point (such as one addressed to yourself) is nevertheless eligible for a Received point.

Delivered—The act of delivery of a message to a third party receives a point in this category, in addition to a Received point. This is strictly an off-the-air function and must be coupled with receipt of the message at your station. Thus you can't get a Delivered point unless you first get a Received point.

Total —The total number of Originated+Sent+Received+Delivered

Further example for clarification: If I send a message originated on behalf of myself, I know I get only one point for a message SENT. However, if I originate a message on behalf of a third party, and then send it, I get TWO points, (origination and sending), even though ONE message was handled.
Please provide this information in the following form, and send to me ON AIR:

SEP SAR O(riginated)/0 S(ent)/11 R(eceived)/2 D(elivered)/0 T(OTAL) 13
OCT SAR O/0 S/15 R/6 D/1 T/22
NOV SAR O/0 S/14 R/5 D/0 T/19

This is the required NTS/RRI format to make it easy for collatiion

Why Submit Data?

  • It lets the Amateur Radio Community know we are active and involved
  • It informs regulators, such as the ACMA about the extent of activities on our networks and the level of emergency preparedness

This data will be collated and may be published in QNI Newsletter.

You can gather this data fairly easily by going through all your hard copy Message Forms (another reason to use and file these!) Please do make the extra effort to provide this data, it is expected of all CWB Certified Communicators but all Communicators are invited to supply data, even if your totals are negligible or zero.

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