Side Swiper Net - Region 3

Update: See details of the sessions, statistics of SSN-3 here:

Net Procedure and Recommendations

ALL welcome irrespective of keying type

NCS (QNN) will take check ins (QNI), please give your callsign only please and no report or anything else at this stage

NCS will give each check-in a turn number (QRY) and ask you to <AS> standby until it is your turn

Then when there are no more check-ins, each station transmits in turn, in the order given in the QNS (list of stations)

At the end of the round, NCS will make another CQ SSN and also invite one or two other stations to make a CQ SSN

Thus stations arriving late should wait to hear a CQ SSN before joining in, to avoid confusion

Then the round continues with NCS giving another QNS (station list), and another round starts

This sequence of events continues until all have dropped out or gone QRT

Please pass the key directly to the next in the list (if you copied it down) if you can hear them, rather than via NCS.

Further Tips and Recommendations

  • If you arrive on frequency late and can hear some stations, please wait until you hear a CQ SSN before breaking in.
  • CQ SSN will be given by one or more stations (usually 2 for best coverage) at the end of each round of overs.
  • The Net idea is you are in QSO with ALL net members: give reports to each station during your over
  • On your first over you may give reports and details of your power and antenna and key
  • In your second over please complete any missing information from your first over
  • You can share any news but please keep overs under 3 minutes long
  • If you have time stay for 3 rounds, if the net is busy (e.g. 10 stations) 2 rounds can take up to an hour to complete
  • An "over" is a transmission, a "round" is an over from each station on the checked-in list
  • You may find QN codes useful you can search the meaning of QN codes and print out a list, but these aren't essential
  • QRY means turn number, each station is given a turn number at check-in, as stations leave their turn is skipped
  • New check-ins after each round has completed, are added to the end of the list
  • Turn numbers are not revised, so just proceed in ascending turn number order
  • At the beginning of each round, NCS will give a QNS station list, this list is the order of transmissions to be followed
  • NCS does not have a turn number, and takes the key at the end of each round (not each over) or as required
  • Only if you have urgent message should you break into the net
  • If you just want to say good bye, you should do this during your assigned over, if something comes up, just leave
  • Breaking into this type of net can cause confusion it is better not to break in but to wait for end of round CQ SSN
  • If you don't hear anything please wait at least 3 minutes, a station may be having an over that is in your dead skip zone
  • If you arrive on time and don't hear any CQ at the start of net time, you can send QNN? to ask if there is a NCS
  • If there is no NCS please wait until at least 3 minutes past start time, then any willing person may be NCS and CQ SSN
  • If another station is off frequency please tune your receiver (RIT) without changing your transmit frequency unless QRM
  • While NCS should stay close to net frequency as possible, others are encouraged to vary +/- 200Hz to avoid NCS QRM
  • After completion of net, please kindly email your reports to the SSN email reflector moc.spuorgelgoog|lm-nss#moc.spuorgelgoog|lm-nss
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