Sunday Net History

G'day all.

Just been looking back through log and was in Sunday CWN 1st. April 1973, with Art VK2AV Net Control station on 7025.
Must've been one of the first Sunday CW Nets.

That Sunday worked John VK3AJY (559/429) on 7035, Dick VK2AHR on 7035 (589/579) (Dick mentioned that there was a 15 minute time limit on QSOs), Trevor VK2TM on 7010 (589/579), Bill VK2XM on 7035 (589/589) 589/589) , and Tony VK2BWC on 7030 (589/589). I was running 60 watts to a 6GE5 Compactron in a xtal controlled Heathkit HW-16! Antenna was a 40 mx dp up about 20 feet.

Always thought low antenna had to be a sky warmer, but it worked very well for DX and VK. Arty knew I was rockbound and selected one of my xtal frequencies to suit! I think I had a Heath VFO but hadn't got around to assembling it at that point.

On the Friday previous (30th. March 1973) Tony VK2BWC sent me the Net Q Code by CW - no e-mails then! Don't think it was in the ARRL Handbook at the time. Was on leave from sea-going.

First reference in Amateur Radio Magazine is in an article by Frank VK4II in the October 1973 Issue p.9, where he states that Net had been running for over 20 weeks, which certainly puts the first Net back in March 1973, probably Sunday 25th March. My log shows a break from 24th. July 1972 to right on 25th March 1973 (at sea) so looks like I missed the first CWN, just!

I've an idea Frank VK4II (a Canadian, as I recall) may have been one of the prime movers and shakers, and after setting the CWN under way (I've an idea Frank may have been first Net Controller) QSY'd back to VE eventually, although he was Controller 14/04/73, and I had a QSO 15/09/73.

73s & 77s

Looking at an on-line calculator, 1st. April 1973 was indeed a Sunday, so that Sunday 11th. March would have been the Sunday of commencement of the CW Net, talking EST.
Looks like I missed the first three.
Been looking at the photos in Drew's article and in Frank VK4II's article in AR October 1973.
Brings a lump to the throat as I look at those splendid chaps!
Tony VK2BWC was torpedoed more than a few times and was lucky to get through the last "big struggle" as he referred to it. Tony had a Blue Racer bug screwed down on the operating desk of a tanker torpedoed off the West Indies, and his everlasting regret was that he didn't have time to remove it! Overwhelming hospitality ashore all the way back to NY NY made up for it!
Sure hope we can keep the Net going in its original format.

1977 Guidelines from VK2BWC <== Click for PDF copy of the original handwritten notes

The following was written by VK2BWC (ex G3FIQ) and sent to Tim VK3BCN on 31 AUG 1977 and still holds true. All Net Controllers should pay attention to the guidelines and traditions of this net:

CWN NET is operative every Sunday from 10-1200 L.T. (NSW) - NCS on 7025 kHz.
Procedure is: The Net Control Station (N.C.S.) commences transmission, a little before 10am, with possibly viz.:- CQ CWN3 DE VK2BF3 = QND QSX QNZ etc +
- After NCS sends QNI, stations report in with viz.:- VK2BF DE VK2BWC QNI K = VK2BWC DE VK2BF = R <AS>
- Few mins later when say VK2YK, VK2SM, VK3XU etc have reported in, we might get :-
VK2BF DE VK2YK R // R 2BWC K // 2BWC gives R + and VK2YK & VK2BWC go down to 7004 where VK2BWC waits for VK2YK to call him for QSO of 10 - 15 mins, they then both return to 7025kHz call VK2BF with QNI - or QNX etc.

At 12 Noon, NCS sends QNS (list of stations who were in net that morning - followed by short message of thanks - or any net information to hand.
- The last Sunday of each month at 12 Noon + - we go 7045kHz SSB, & are called by NCS in QNS order.

- QN Signals mostly used in net:- (complimented with normal Q Code signals)
- Question marks not used

QNC All Net stations please copy
QND Net is under NCS direction
QNE Entire Net Please Standby
QNF Net is Free — not controlled
QNG Take over net control
QNI Net stations report in or I am reporting into Net
QNJ Can you copy …. (Call Sign)
QNM You are QRMing Net — please <AS>
QNN Net Control Station is … (C/S)
QNO Station is leaving Net
QNP Unable to copy you or … (C/S)
QNS Following stations are in the Net or request for list
QNT Leaving Net temporarily for … minutes
QNV Establish contact with … (C/S) on this freq.
QNX You are excused from the Net or I want to be excused from the Net
QNZ Zero beat this station

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