We have some groups and channels on Telegram.

Why did we choose Telegram and not Whatsapp or some other app or software? Telegram is useful to us for several reasons which when combined, only Telegram provides the features:

  • Free - and promised to stay free
  • Versatile - runs on multiple platforms/devices
  • Secure - great privacy features
  • Open Source - not entirely but getting there
  • Groups - great features for group chat
  • Channels - great features for news broadcast
  • Access from web - short URLs to groups, etc
  • Other useful features - bots, settings, size etc

Here are some of the CW Telegram Groups and Channels:



  • VKCW: join the CW News channel first and ask an existing member to add you to the VKCW Group. Here are a few of those you can contact to ask to either add you directly or give you the invite link: @vk3cab, @vk4bgr, @vk6rr
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