Peter Hewitson, VK4QC, DOB 9-12-1946
2nd Class PMG Cert No. G/1690 issued 18Jun1964
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Cert No. A0311 21Feb1995

Marconi Marine 1965 - 1967 ships: Baron Kinnaird/GXRS, Empress of Canada/GHLA, Crispin/GVGG, Hollybank/GMHV, Ahmadu Bello/5NAB

Zim Israel Navigation Co Ltd 1967 - 1970 ships: Nahshon/4XHS, Esther/4XME, Rachel/4XMR, Kinneret/4XYE, Timna/4XXO

Frigomaris Kuehlschiff Reederei Hamburg 1970 - 1973 ships: Satsumacore/DGFS, Sultana/DHRS, Navelinacore/DADC.

Overseas Telecommunications Commission (later Telstra when OTC merged with Telecom) 1973 - 2002 Sydneyradio/VIS, Townsvilleradio/VIT, Darwinradio/VID, Brisbaneradio/VIB

Retired January 2002 when coastal radio service closed down for ever!

Amateur callsigns held: VK8PH, VK4QC

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