1) Please click on "Files" at bottom of this page to attach/download recordings of intruders (pirates), also:

2) This video from VK4QC shows entire CW section of 40m basically wiped out by YB-SSB intruders, with waterfall display, see Indonesian intruders on 40m CW band 08/12/2015 0945UTC with his comment: "This happens almost every evening on the 40m amateur band especially in the CW section."

3) See this uploaded by YB0 ham station: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WG31nV4cKXI recorded June 28 2015.. with the comments:

"I'm not CWer … I can not receive Rtty because the pirates ragchewing use LSB mode …"

and the very good advice to WIA and other delegates attending the conference:

"Pse set up one station in Bali.. And listen by your self…"

The above YouTube video by YB0 station shows:

7035 LSB S9, various stations
7030 LSB S8, S9 pirate stations including music
7015 LSB S9, various pirate stations

4) DU6WAJ, QRA PK10GR, Rig swl rockmite 40 7.028.7mhz, videos: A) https://youtu.be/pc6X36AyZSE and B) https://youtu.be/mckxezurP_E


  • VK5EEE Recordings and also submitted IARU-MS report
  • The Youtube video is as is, that's all the info we can get, he just wants (and I tend to agree) for you or anyone there to set up a receiver and demonstrate the problem
  • The 9M2RDX recording 29SEP in file name is from 9M2RDX, 29 Sep 2015, 1640UTC, 7020kHz LSB, S7, dipole ANT, QTH Temerloh, Pahang, west Malaysia, QRA Locator: OJ13ek, Rig FT-1000MP
  • The 9M2AR recording is from 9M2AR, 7000LSB, 7005LSB S9, 7010LSB S8, 7015LSB S7, 7020LSB S8, QTH Alor Setar, QRA OJ04xf, Rig IC-756pro

See result: bali2015

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